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Protect your investment. Paint protection film (PPF) is essential when it comes to keeping your car looking factory fresh. Say goodbye to stone chips and re-paints
when you make the decision to go ahead with PPF. Our films are on par with our install
techniques, industry leading and of the highest quality. Whether it’s full car coverage, full front end, or a tailor made package to suit your cars unique needs, we’re more than happy to discuss what’s best for you and your vehicle. DRVN is happy to offer our clients both XPEL and SunTek paint protection film to meet our clients' select preferences.


Wax and seal no more! Ceramic coating is a nano-ceramic coating that forms an adhesion to the paint and can only be removed by abrasion (a thorough, specialized polish
process). Once the curing process has run its course, this highly advanced formula transforms itself to a rigid glass shield that no wax on the market can rival. All of our Ceramic coating packages include the necessary amount of paint correction required to ensure the paint is in its best shape prior to the coating process, which results in the highest level of shine!


Transform the look of your vehicle! We are happy to offer 3M, Avery Dennison, and KPMF for our colour change department. Regardless of your factory paint job, we can
assist in giving your car the finish you so desire. Our biggest sellers as of late are Frozen Black, Satin Dark Grey, and Satin Black.


Enhance your brand and let us help in bringing awareness to your fleet of vehicles! We work with companies of all sizes, from sole proprietors to large corporations, to transform their fleet of vehicles and machinery to works of tasteful moving billboards.


Whether it’s a set of custom racing stripes on American muscle, a gloss black & mirrors combo, or a new set of decals to replace weathered old factory accents, DRVN has an extensive library of factory-spec accents and also has the capability to create whatever unique touch you’re looking to have done.


Enhance your curb appeal and appeal to a larger audience by improving the exterior of your business. By wrapping the exterior walls, you can improve signage, show what makes your company unique, highlight features about your business to the general public, and stand out from the competition!


Aesthetics, safety, comfort, and protection. These are 4 core reasons why window tints are a great idea. We offer many different shades depending on how dark you want to go, and we’re here every step of the way to educate you on your available options. Whether it’s a work truck and you want to hide your valuable equipment inside, your new sports car to
give off a cleaner look, or even a daily driver and you want to protect the leather and upholstery against UV damage, window tints are a great investment. 


Protect your most valuable asset, your home, with industry-leading security film that protects against intruders, glare reduction, and UV damage. Over time, the sun can damage
your flooring and furniture, so we’ve grown our service offerings to now also protect our clients' homes with 3M and LLumar security film. Thickness can range from 8-14mm, but rest easier at night knowing your home and/or cottage has an extra layer of protection against unwanted visitors and sun damage.

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